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Wednesday, 1 August 2018
  Lincoln Electric Welder
Lincoln Air Vantage 50 Kubuta V3600- T K2325-3 welder on Trailer
Gauteng › Boksburg
R 320
Sunday, 4 September 2016
I m sailing leds lights E cigarettes clothes shoes
Gauteng › Boksburg
Monday, 14 March 2016
  Start saving on payroll today.
March 2016 Special. Only while stock last. Full Biometric Time and Attendance + Access Control…
Gauteng › Boksburg
R 7,770
Wednesday, 10 February 2016
  Wood Work Made Easy with this Very Friendly 4kW CNC Woodworking Routering Machin
EasyRoute 2000×3000 4kW CNC Wood Router, 380V, Water Cooled Spindle, Clampable Vacuum Table (Brand…
Gauteng › Boksburg
R 182,999
Monday, 8 February 2016
  5.5kW Advertising CNC Routering Machine, 220v Electricity, Tslot 2000x4000mm Cla
EasyRoute 2000×4000 High-Torque 5.5kW CNC Wood Router, 380V, Water Cooled Spindle, Clamping Table…
Gauteng › Boksburg
R 227,999
Friday, 5 February 2016
  CNC Cabinet 60W 1300x900 Laser Cut and Engrave Machine For Mastering The World o
AM.CO.ZA TruCUT-Series Cabinet Dual Head 60W CO2 Laser Cutter 1300×900mm Complete Set (NEW) SKU…
Gauteng › Boksburg
R 117,999
Thursday, 4 February 2016
  Very Easy to Use and Versatile 4.5kW CNC Wood Routering Machine for Furniture
EasyRoute 2000×4000 High-Torque 4.5kW CNC Wood Router Complete Set, 380V, Water Cooled Spindle…
Gauteng › Boksburg
R 240,993
Thursday, 12 November 2015
  A4 SELF WEEDING Forever Transfer Paper with OKI White Toner T shirt Printing Sys
The White Toner T shirt System is your starter kit that will enable you to print full colour images…
Gauteng › Boksburg
R 41,955
  Quality Range of Vinyl Cutters
All of our units come with the Artcut 2009 Pro sign making Software.The C12 300mm Desktop Vinyl…
Gauteng › Boksburg
R 5,495
  T Shirt System for Printing Full Colour on Light and Dark Cotton T shirts
This T Shirt System is a perfect to start with. The Forever Transfer paper quality is exceptional…
Gauteng › Boksburg
R 14,815
  Sublimation T shirt Press Package with Vinyl Cutter Printing System
This Package includes: 1 x 38x38 T Shirt Press 1 x Portrait Vinyl Cutter 1 x Standard Ricoh…
Gauteng › Boksburg
R 9,799
  High pressure 380x380 Sexy Red T shirt Press
This versatile High Pressure T shirt press comes with a Teflon sheet at the top, adjustable…
Gauteng › Boksburg
R 4,895
  Sublimation Paper Range Basic and Premium for Epson and or Ricoh Printers
We have TexPrint Premium sublimation paper in packs of 100 units the A4 is R 226.95 including vat…
Gauteng › Boksburg
R 150
  Brilliant Quality Coated Premium Sublimation Mugs
These mugs come in a case of 36 units; I have sold thousands of these units with no come backs. The…
Gauteng › Boksburg
R 493
  Clean and easy to use Reliable Ricoh Sublimation Standard Printer
This printer comes with genuine Sawgrass inks and so still has a 6 month warranty unlike the…
Gauteng › Boksburg
R 3,875
  Ricoh Professional Sublimation Printer
This printer comes with a starter set of genuine Sawgrass Gel Sublimation inks as well as the POWER…
Gauteng › Boksburg
R 5,495
  Versatile Silhouette Portrait Craft Vinyl Cutter
The Silhouette Portrait™ is a smaller, lighter version of the popular Silhouette CAMEO electronic…
Gauteng › Boksburg
R 2,720
  OKI Printers with 3 Year Onsite Warranty
We are a platinum OKI Connected partner and so sell the full range of OKI printers. All of the OKI…
Gauteng › Boksburg
  Super Standard most Popular Size Coffee Mug Printing Package
This package includes: 1 x Mug Press 1 x Standard Ricoh Sublimation Printer 1 x Pack of Sublimation…
Gauteng › Boksburg
R 6,255
  High Quality Mug Press for Printing Coffee Mugs of the most popular size.
This Mug Press comes with an adjustable pressure, a digital heat controller and a digital auto…
Gauteng › Boksburg
R 2,275
  Laser Printer Custom Label and Sticker System
The custom label system will allow you to print full colour labels and or stickers you can cut out…
Gauteng › Boksburg
R 9,995
  Ink Jet T Shirt Printing System with Portrait Vinyl Cutter
This system is perfect for the person, who wants to start to make T shirts at home or start out in…
Gauteng › Boksburg
R 10,950
    Custom Label and Sticker System using an Ink Jet Printer
This custom label package will allow you to print full colour custom labels and or stickers in any…
Gauteng › Boksburg
R 5,285
  Studder Promotional Hobby Products or Fun for the Home
We Have a range of products like the Portrait and Silhouette Cameo vinyl cutters which get used for…
Gauteng › Boksburg
  Hand Operated Creasing Machine
This quality hand operated creasing machine has the following specifications: Max. creasing width…
Gauteng › Boksburg
R 7,240
  Quality Manual Corner Rounder
This is a super manual corner rounder, it does the job! Corner Rounder with Optional…
Gauteng › Boksburg
R 2,195
  Studder Promotional and Distribution Services
We sell everything to do with printing something like a logo onto something like a T shirt so we…
Gauteng › Boksburg
  T shirt System and White Coffee Mugs plus more.
This T Shirt System with Laser and Sublimation printers is a perfect to start your own branding…
Gauteng › Boksburg
R 19,945
  Cap Press with adjustable Pressure for printing caps, sleeves and bags
This Cap Press comes with an adjustable pressure, a digital heat controller and a digital auto…
Gauteng › Boksburg
R 4,785
  Silhouette CAMEO 2 Vinyl Cutter Electronic Cutting Tool with touch screen
The Silhouette CAMEO 2 is a highly versatile Vinyl cutter.This machine is used for cutting out…
Gauteng › Boksburg
R 4,325
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